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What good thing happened this summer? I spent a week and a half in Colorado and Utah!

rach-runs asked:


Full name? Cole Alan Folken
3 favorite bands?Modest Mouse, Run River North, Odesza (sorta a band?)
Where are you from? Iowa
Age? 18
Sexual orientation? Heterosexual
Turn on’s/off’s? Find out
Single/taken? ?????
Favorite number? Let’s say 24.
Tattoos/piercing? My ears are pierced
One word to describe you? trill
Celebrity crushes? Emma Watson
Meaning behind your URL? I run cross country and track.
Tumblr best friend? adventureeyed everythinginstride
Favorite movie? The Invisible is a good one.
Height? 6’3”
3 things about your room? My dorm room is tiny, smells like coffee and popcorn, and is filled with some cool stuff.
DTF? ;)

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☢ - Full Name?
♥ - 3 Favorite Bands?
☺ - Where are you from?
♔ - Age?
웃 유  - Sexual Orientation?
❈ - Turn on’s/off’s?
♬ - Single/Taken?
▲ - Favorite Number?
✖ - Your perfect girl/boy?
❀ - Tattoos/Piercings?
♛ - One word to describe you?
☣ - Celebrity crush(es)?
♦ - Meaning behind your URL?
ღ - Tumblr bestfriend?
✥ - Favorite Movie?
♜ - Height? 
Ⓐ - 3 things about your room?
► - DTF?

Live with effort: tomorrow you will be a better person even if tomorrow is not.

Rakishi, “Things my daughter was told.” cir. 1965 (via 1924us)